Professional Services

At Cover-4 Solutions, we’ve assembled an outstanding team of Splunk professional service personnel that are available for hourly, daily or long term engagements. Our PS packages are highly flexible and can be tailored specifically to your organization’s needs (no matter how large or small).

Splunk Services We Provide:

Health Checks:

If you’ve made a significant investment in Splunk, the question you need to ask your self is are you truly utilizing it efficiently and maximizing all of its capabilities? If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know”, then it’s time for a Splunk Health Check. Let us spend an hour with you via Web Ex to dive into your environment and find out what’s really going on? We can help you build searches, clean up data that isn’t relevant to your Splunk needs, and find ways to streamline your Splunk processes.

Splunk 101/Best Practices:

Splunk 101 / Best Practices Much like a Health Check, we’ve found that many customers aren’t using Splunk best practices to get what they really need from the solution. Or in other instances the Splunk champion has left the company (or assumed another role) and no one knows how to pick up the reins. If this is the case, we offer “Splunk Best Practices” sessions by the hour that will help educate you (or your team) and get you on the path to success with Splunk. Don’t let it become shelf-ware, and don’t be intimidated by the search/query language. With a little accelerated learning provided by our team, the searching power is evident and actually becomes fun. Let us help you derive real value from your Splunk investment in the immediate term.

Deployment/Installation Services:

If you plan to purchase Splunk (or have already done so) but do not have the bandwidth to implement it successfully, we have the experience and expertise to help. Our team of Splunk Architects and Engineers have successfully implemented Splunk installs ranging in scope from a single instance on 1 server to multi-tiered, and redundant architectures across the globe. Let us do the heavy lifting to get Splunk set up correctly the first time while working collaboratively with your teams (and providing knowledge share) over the full implementation lifecycle.

Splunk Upgrades:

If you are running an older version of Splunk but are hesitant to upgrade for fear of upsetting the apple cart, we can help. We have helped customers successfully upgrade from version 3.x all the way to the latest version of Splunk 6.1.x The latest version offers huge improvements in speed, functionality, and ease of use. If it’s time to make the jump….we can help.

Architecture Design:

Too often we see customers that set up Splunk to accommodate their immediate needs at the time of purchase (or for a single use case), but did not account for growth or greater data capacity at a later time. Using our consultative approach, let our Splunk experts help you design and configure a Splunk Architecture that will meet not only your current needs, but also provide a framework for future growth as well.

Custom Dashboard Creation:

Splunk Professional ServicesLet our team of expert’s help you design and build dashboards based on specific data sets & criteria pertinent to roles within the organization. So whether it’s providing your C-level executives with an approachable ‘single pane of glass’ into what’s happening with the business or developing complex security dashboards to help pinpoint malicious threats, we have the experience to help.

In addition to the Splunk Professional Services listed above, we also provide customized services that can help you align IT with the Business.
  These offerings include:

  • Education, Training, workshops and architecture sessions
  • Custom Splunk Application development
  • Integrating Splunk with other in-house technologies
  • Splunk centric other services (vertical, data or business-flow specific)
  • Quarterly health-checks to ensure your Splunk environment is working efficiently and effectively