Working with Rent The Runway

Cover-4 Solutions had the fantastic opportunity to work with Rent The Runway; included by Forbes in the “Most Disruptive Names in Business” for several years now. Best described by Jennifer Hyman, Co-founder and CEO, as “a fashion company with a technology soul”.

As with most rapidly growing companies, Rent the Runway didn’t have the time to create the Splunk dashboards/reports and alerts they desired for business efficiencies. Cover-4 helped a business unit that was new to Splunk create statistical dashboards that enable them to accurately track and report on how their assets move through the warehouse.

These dashboards further allow management to get a ‘real-time’ view of all items moving through the inbound process, while also providing the floor shift managers with the ability to track individual workers’ efficiency in real-time.

Rent The Runway – # 28 on CNBC’s 2015 list of 50 Disruptor companies that are revolutionizing business:

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