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Working with Rent The Runway
Cover-4 Solutions had the fantastic opportunity to work with Rent The Runway; included by Forbes in the "Most Disruptive Names in Business" for several years now. Best described by Jennifer Hyman, Co-founder and CEO, as "a fashion company with a technology soul". As with most rapidly growing companies, Rent the Runway didn't have the time to create the Splunk dashboards/reports and alerts they desired for business efficiencies. Cover-4 helped a business unit that was new to Splunk create statistical dashboards that enable them to accurately track and report on how their assets move through...
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Using Btool in Splunk to find the Ghost in your Machine
Countless times I have edited a props.conf or inputs.conf file, restarted the Splunk services, and my changes didn’t have any effect.  I experience this while testing at home, and over and over at client sites.  It’s pretty easy to fat-finger some value or get the syntax wrong in a stanza, but when you are sure these things are all accurate, this can be pretty frustrating. I have had pre-sales opportunities seriously consider counting Splunk out of contention, due to this scenario.  Making changes and getting no results makes it seem to the customer that Splunk is...
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